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What is Diino?
Diino is an online backup service hosted from our own data centers. Diino provides an easy, powerful, cost-effective and secure way for you to store, access, share and backup files online.

How can I use Diino?
You can use Diino to upload, share and store your personal files through a web browser or through the Diino Client. With the client you can also backup files of your choice automatically at the schedule you choose.

What is so special about Diino?
Diino is easy to use, it is secure and it is reliable.

Do I need to pay to use Diino?
No, the “Free Trial” account is free of charge but it is limited to 30-days. Alternatively, you can purchase a “Private” account with unlimited backup, 100 GB of file storage and no limitations.

What defines a backup?
Backup is an automated process that automatically makes a copy of what you choose, your documents, for example. This will allow you to restore files that may be lost. Your backups are not available for sharing and cannot be changed but you can open the files in a backup to view or restore them.

Is Diino secure?
Diinos backup service is located in a modern data center of the highest safety class with green cooling system and a perfect operating environment. Data is stored on a RAID system, which is backed up daily.

What defines file storage?
With file storage, you can manually copy your data from your computer to Diino. File storage on Diino works as an extension to your local storage. Unlike backups, files that you have uploaded yourself are available for sharing and can be changed.