About Diino

Diino is one of the earliest cloud storage providers; we have been live online since 2005. Our specialty lies in enabling easy-to-use, fast and secure online backup, data storage and file sharing functionality. We provide one of the broadest offerings for storage and backup in the market. Unlike our competitors, who focus solely on online storage and file backup for PCs, Diino’s innovative solutions go further and also support Macs, smartphones, tablets and Consumer Premises Equipment (CPE) such as set-top boxes (STB), gateways and network-attached storage (NAS).

We develop, market, operate and maintain our own system, which allows us to combine development and market growth with customer projects. We work with partners with whom we collaborate on projects that allow us to be creative, flexible, and effective. To that end, we offer our cutting-edge technology as White Label, Platform and Embedded solutions to strategic partners such as leading operators, ISPs and other relevant businesses with large online customer bases (insurance companies, IT-companies providing web services, e-commerce sites etc.). In turn, our partners can offer backup and file sharing as a branded service to their customers.

With Diino’s solutions, end-users can securely store their valuable content with unprecedented convenience; our software on multiple operating systems, can be used with all popular web browsers, and is also available for iphones, ipads and android phones and tablets. Everything is done with all necessary security including, password protection and encryption, if requested. Our servers are located in two highly secure data centers in Sweden.
Basically our solutions are about securing your digital files through a user-friendly backup solution over the web; it’s like having your own virtual hard drive. And as a added bonus, you can use your virtual hard drive as a server to upload and share any files with customers, partners, or friends. The end-user service has been trusted by more than 1.5 million satisfied users to date.